Club Announcement


Please be informed that changes have been made to our Cards Terms and Conditions with effect from 15 Apr 2019. Refer to the below links for the details of the amendments:


Diners Club Basic Cardholder and S$500 Limit Cardholder will be entitled to enjoy one (1) complimentary visit per customer per year (from April to March of the following year) to any of our participating Airport Lounges around the world. Subsequent visits and Supplementary Cardholders (if any) who used his/her own card for admission, will be charged a fixed rate of S$34 plus tax per visit. Lounge access for Cardholder's guest(s) are charged to the Cardholder's account at the prevailing rate of that Airport Lounge.


An ATM Admin Fee may be levied by DBS/POSB for ATM Cash Advance withdrawal with your Diners Club Card. You will be advised of the fee when you perform the ATM Cash withdrawal.


Please be informed that the term 'administration fee' appearing in the Terms & Conditions for DCA$H, ReadyCA$H and Buy-Now-Pay Later (BNPL) programs is now known as 'Early Repayment Fee'.

5. For even greater convenience, you will not be required to sign for transaction amounts of $100 or less when you charge to your Diners Club at all VICOM and JIC Inspection Centres from 1 Mar 2016 onwards.
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