Hospital Cash
When hospitalised, our primary concern should not the medical expenses. A basic medical insurance plan may cover some, or all, of your hospital bills. If your hospitalisation is prolonged, you and your loved ones may face unexpected high medical expenses. There are other hidden costs that go along with hospitalisation for an illness or accident, such as transportation costs, cost of purchasing tonics or even retrofitting the home. Here at Diners Club, we have designed plans to give you daily income amount upon hospitalisation to help defray some of these cost.
Prima Wellness
  • $150 for each day (Gold Plan) of hospitalization up to a maximum of 365 days per accident or illnessand sum insured doubles automatically to $300 after the policy has been in force for a 12 consecutive months
  • Additional $600 (Gold Plan) Household Expenses Benefit for hospitalization of more than 10 consecutive days due to the same accident or illness
  • Payouts are payable on top of other insurance claims
  • Complimentary Child(ren) Cover for Couples enrolling together
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