1. Do I need to be a Diners Club Cardmember to participate in this programme?
    »Yes, this programme is specially designed for all Diners Club Cardmembers, both international and local cardholders

  2. Do I need to submit any documents?
    »You have to produce your Identity Card or Driving License or Passport, together with your Diners Club Card

  3. Can I withdraw cash by producing my Diners Club Card but without showing my Identity Card/Driving License/Passport?
    »No, you have to produce the either required document as proof of identity

  4. How long does it takes to approve my withdrawal?
    »Diners Club provides on-the-spot instant approval

  5. Where can I withdraw cash?
    »You can withdraw cash at any selected cashier counters. Just look out for our Cash Advance signs or decals

  6. Do I need a PIN to withdraw cash?
    »No PIN is needed for this service.

  7. What is the minimum withdrawal amount?
    »Each withdrawal is with a minimum of $200.00

  8. What is the maximum withdrawal amount?
    »Each withdrawal is with a maximum of $1000.00

  9. Can I withdraw more than S$ 1,000.00?
    »Currently, the maximum withdrawal amount is S$1000.00

  10. Does this Cash Advance transaction require any signature?
    »Yes, you need to sign on the transaction slip

  11. Can I withdraw cash in other currencies at the authorized cashier counters?
    »No, all Cash Advance amount will be dispensed in local currency

  12. Will I be given a charge slip/receipt?
    »Yes, a duplicate copy will be given to you for your record

  13. How do I settle my payment?
    »You will be billed through your monthly card statement.
    Note: A 6% Cash Advance Fee or S$20 (whichever is greater) will be charged for every successful transaction.