Frequently Asked Questions on Enrollment of Diners Club Cards for Overseas Use
Q.Why is Diners Club implementing this measure?
A.Data encoded on the magnetic stripe card is easily read and copied, making it easier for it to be easily duplicated.

On the other hand, the microprocessor chip on an EMV chip card is protected by cryptographic encryption and virtually eliminates the ability to copy the contents of the chip. The chip-based card also complies with the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s standard of data security.
Q.What is the impact of this measure on cardholders?
A.As EMV chip technology is not yet adopted in some countries, Cardmembers who wish to travel overseas will be required to enroll with Diners Club to enable the magnetic stripe on their Card(s) for overseas use.

The disabled magnetic stripe will not have an impact on Cardmembers when they make transactions in Singapore. All transactions in Singapore are already processed via the EMV chip embedded in all Diners Club Cards, and all merchants here are equipped with chip readers.
Q.Which countries do not accept EMV chip?
A. Countries like the UK, Europe, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia may or may not accept the EMV chip. The US and South Korea are still reliant on the magnetic stripe to process card transactions. In Japan, the EMV chip is only partially implemented.

Nonetheless, in countries where the EMV chip is implemented, compatibility issues may still arise and you may need to request the cashier to swipe the magnetic stripe on your Diners Club Card when making purchases.
Q.How can I enroll my Card(s) for overseas purchases?
A. You can enroll your Card(s) for the duration of your travel period by simply clicking here or calling our friendly customer service officers at 6571 0128.

To minimise unauthorised transactions, it is advisable to enroll your Card(s) for overseas use only if you are travelling overseas.
Q.Can Supplementary Cardmembers perform enrollment / disenrollment?
A. Basic Cardmembers can enroll / disenroll any of their Basic and/or Supplementary Cards (if any). However, Supplementary Cardmembers may only enroll / disenroll the Supplementary Card(s) they’re having.
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