General :
Q. What are the benefits of using the Diners Club-affiliated airport lounges?
A. The lounges offer you a private place to relax and rejuvenate, and/or catch up on your
    business before and after your flights.
Q. In which countries/airports are the Diners Club-affiliated airport lounges located?
A. Please visit: for the locations, fees (if applicable) and other
Q. What are the amenities offered?
A. The amenities offered vary at different airport lounges. Most offer light food and
    beverages, reading materials, comfortable rest areas and telecommunication services,
    amongst others.
Q. Upon entry can I use all the lounge facilities at no extra charges?
A. The basic amenities are complimentary; however, usage of some of the facilities offered
    is chargeable. For full details, please check at the respective airport lounge counter(s).
Q. Are there entry charges for children?
A. Entry charge differs from lounge to lounge. Please check with the respective airport
    lounge counter(s).
Q. What is the entry charge for accompanying guests who do not hold a Diners Club Card?
A. Please check with the counter(s) before you enter the lounge as entry charge policy
    may differ from lounge to lounge.
For Singapore-issued Diners Club Cardholders :
Q. What is my privilege for utilising Diners Club-affiliated airport lounges?
A. All Basic Cardholders with a Singapore-issued Diners Club Card enjoy one free visit per year (starting from 1st April till
    31st March of the following year) to any one of the affiliated airport lounges worldwide.
Q. What is the entry charge for subsequent visits?
A. For subsequent visits, Cardholders holding Singapore-issued cards are required to pay an entrance fee of S$34 plus tax
    per person per visit.
Q. Does my Supplementary Cardholder also get to enjoy this privilege?
A. There is no complimentary visit for Supplementary Cardholders. There will be a fee of S$34 plus tax, which will be
    automatically billed to your account.
Q. If I hold more than one Basic Diners Club Card, am I allowed to use my different cards for multiple complimentary entries?
A. The one free visit per year entry privilege is based on per individual name regardless of the number of cards a
    Cardholder is currently holding.
Lounges at Singapore Changi Airport :
Q. Where are the airport lounges in Singapore Changi Airport?
A. The SATS Premier Lounges are located at:
    • Terminal 1 - Departure Transit Hall Level 3 #031-67
    • Terminal 2 - Departure Transit Hall Level 3 #036-114
    • Terminal 3 - Departure Transit Hall Level 3 #03-MS-04
Q. What are their operating hours?
A. All the above 3 lounges operate 24 hours, 7 days a week.
Q. What are the amenities offered?
A. The SATS Premier Lounges offer comfortable lounge seating with free-flow of refreshments including alcoholic
    beverages, international newspapers and magazines, shower facilities, private rest booths with massage chairs,
    workstations with broadband and wireless internet access, cable television, etc.

    The amenities offered may change from time to time.

    *Other services are subject to additional charges. For more details, please refer to the lounge operator.
Q. What documents do I need to produce upon entering the lounge?
A. Please present your valid boarding pass, passport and Diners Club Card upon entry. Cardholders without any one of
    these documents who wish to access the lounge may do so by paying the prevailing lounge rates.
Q. Why does the counter staff need to swipe my Diners Club Card upon entry?
A. Your lounge entry is available only for valid Diners Club Card upon card verification.
Q. What happens when my Diners Club Card is not accepted by the lounge because of the above?
A. Admittance to the lounges is subject to a valid card. In the event that your Diners Club Card is declined, you may wish
    to access the lounge by paying the prevailing lounge rates.
Q. Can I change my mind about using my privilege after I have entered the lounge?
A. You may want to indicate to the lounge operator to view the lounge facilities before signing the log-sheet. In the event if
    you have signed in on the log-sheet, it is treated as a one-time usage of the lounge.
Q. Is there a time limit for staying in the lounge?
A. You can stay up to 4 hours each time you visit the lounge. If you exceed this period, you will then be required to pay the
    prevailing lounge rates.
Q. Can I visit the other lounges within this 4-hour lounge usage period?
A. Yes, but the entry charge of S$34 plus tax will be automatically billed to the your Diners Club card account.
Q. Are there entry charges for children?
A. There is no entry charge for children below 2 years at the SATS Premier Lounges by SATS’ Lounge.
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