Spend $388 and above to receive a Free $20 voucher & a chance to win more vouchers in our Lucky Draw!

Spend $388 and above to receive a Free $20 voucher & a chance to win more vouchers in our Lucky Draw!

Terms and Conditions

  1. The qualifying period for the Spend & Win Lucky Draw Promotion is from 30 Oct 2020 to 31 January 2021 (‘The Promotion Period’).
  2. All Diners Club Singapore (‘DCS’) Basic Cardholders including Discover cardholders whose charge/credit card accounts are in good standing as determined by DCS in its absolute discretion will be eligible to participate in the lucky draw. The definition of Basic cardholder provided in the Terms and Conditions of Issuance of Diners Club charge/credit cards apply herein. Lodge account, Travel Management Program, SME Corporate Card Accounts and Corporate Auto-Billing Program will be excluded from the lucky draw.
  3. Employees and immediate family members of Johan Holdings Berhad, Diners Club (S) Pte Ltd, Diners World Travel Pte Ltd, advertising sales promotion agencies, auditors and judges directly involved in the lucky draws are not eligible for participation in the lucky draw.
    1. 1 chance will be awarded for every minimum $388 spend on a single transaction to win Best Denki vouchers at Best Denki stores located in Singapore.
    2. All lucky draw chances will be awarded on each statement for the month.
  4. Diners Club Singapore reserves the absolute right at its discretion without prior notice to change the basis of giving lucky draw chances to the basic cardholder.
  5. All chances will be awarded during the qualifying period on Establishment’s settlement date / monthly statement cut-off date based on posting date. Proof of copies of charge slips is not proof of eligible spending for the purpose of the lucky draws.
  6. DCS shall not be responsible for any non-receipt of the eligible spendings due to whatsoever reasons and/or for any delay caused by its establishments/fellow franchises or the postal authorities due to whatsoever reasons in submitting the charges/charge slips to DCS within the time indicated in Term (4) above.
  7. The following charges and/or fees shall not be classified as eligible spendings of the Basic cardholder and shall be excluded from the lucky draw:
    1. finance charges, late payment charges, interest, processing fee and all other fees charged by Diners Club.
    2. all disputed charges unresolved as at DCS’s processing date of the monthly statement of account during the Promotion Period
    3. all debit and credit journal entries
    4. stolen/lost/fraud card charges
  8. Any Basic cardholder withdrawing/resigning from membership whether voluntarily or have their membership cancelled by DCS for any reason whatsoever at any time during the Promotion Period and up to the date of the lucky draw shall automatically forfeit their rights to the lucky draw even though the lucky draw chances had been assigned to them. But any resignation/cancellation/withdrawal of the supplementary cardholder’s membership by the supplementary cardholder voluntarily or by the Basic cardholder or by DCS shall not disqualify the Basic cardholder from the rights of the lucky draw nor affect the total number of lucky draw chances assigned to the account of the Basic cardholder
  9. DCS reserves the absolute right at any time to withdraw, cancel or invalidate the number of excess/additional lucky draw chances assigned to the Basic cardholder due to any type of mistake and/or to terminate any or all the lucky draws and/or change the dates of the draws and/or to replace or substitute any stated prizes for the draws with any other prizes determined by DCS and/or to amend or alter any of these terms and conditions during the Promotion Period without prior notice
  10. During the promotion period there will be one lucky draw to be conducted at Diners Club’s office located at 7500E Beach Road #03-201 The Plaza Singapore 199595 on 17 February 2021. The prizes are as follows:
    1st Prize
    2nd Prize
    3rd Prize
    Consolation Prize
    $1,000 (100 winners to win $10 Best Denki vouchers)
  11. The Basic cardholder’s card account must be current as determined by DCS at its discretion at the date of the lucky draws in order to be proclaimed as the winners of the prizes selected for that specific lucky draw.
  12. The prizes unclaimed after a period of two (2) months from the date of the lucky draw will be donated to an assigned charitable organisation and thereafter DCS shall not entertain any claim for the prizes from the winners.
  13. The prizes are not transferable or exchangeable for or refundable in cash.
  14. The winners for this promotion are obliged to participate in DCS’s publicity materials pertaining to the promotion after the results have been announced.
  15. DCS’s decision on all matters pertaining to the lucky draws is final and no correspondence will be entertained.
  16. The winners will be notified by post and the results published on Diners Club’s website.

* DCS reserves the right to vary, delete or add to any of these terms and conditions from time to time without notice including, the basis of awarding the chances in the Promotion, the number of chances awarded and the date of the draw.

Updated on 14 October 2020

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