Diners SG Pay

For the list of Participating Merchants, please click the link below:

To download the Diners SG Pay Wallet App:

For Apple Phone:
  • Go to App Store Apple Store
  • Search for Diners SG Pay
For Android Phone:
  • Go to Google Play Google Play
  • Search for Diners SG Pay

How Do I Load MY Diners Club Card Onto the Wallet?

1) Register your details
Register your details
2) Enter Verification Code
Enter Verification Code
3) Verify Email Address
Verify Email Address
4) Wallet
5) Add Card
Add Card
6) Enter Card Information
Enter Card Information
7) OTP
8) Diners Card In The Wallet
Diners Card In The Wallet

How Can I Change My Login Password?

  • Go to Profile
  • Left top Menu
  • Select Account Information
  • Select Change your Password

How Can I Use Diners SG Pay Wallet?

CFC Acceptance Decal
Look out for the SGQR decal with the Diners Club / Discover logo.

CFC Acceptance Decal
You can proceed to Scan and Pay

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many Diners Club cards can you upload?

    You can upload as many Diners Club cards as you wish.

  • Must I reload my Diners Club card when I receive my renewal / replacement card?

    Yes, please delete the previous card number before registering your new card.

  • Is there any limit on the number of transactions I can do using Diners SG Pay in a day?

    There is no limit on the number of transactions you can make in a day.

  • Do I have to keep any minimum balance in my Diners SG Pay account?

    No, there is no minimum balance required as Diners SG Pay is tagged to your Diners Club Charge / Credit card limit balance.

  • What is the maximum amount I can use per transaction?

    Up to your available credit limit.

  • Why does my Diners SG Pay App auto logout by itself?

    The consumer App will auto log out after 30 minutes to protect your financial security.

  • I can’t scan the QR code.

    Select ‘Scan & Pay’. Please ensure that the QR Code is captured within the scanner ‘box’.

  • Does Diners SG Pay offer email receipts?

    No, your transaction receipt is stored in the wallet’s ‘View Transaction History’.

  • How can I view my previous transactions?

    Go to the Dashboard tab. Select ‘History’ to view all the previous transactions.

  • When will I get billed for my transactions?

    The billing cycle is the same as your Diners Club physical card transactions.

  • I made double payments using Diners SG Pay. How do I obtain a Refund?

    Inform the merchant immediately and they can void the duplicate transaction before end of day.

  • Can I uninstall the Diners SG Pay App whenever I want to?

    Yes you can uninstall the App. It is advisable to delete your card account details before you uninstall the App.

  • Can I re-install the App again after the deletion?

    Yes, you can re-install the App.

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