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Save time and money when you ship online purchases from U.S. sites like and eBay. Diners Club® Shipping is the smarter way to ship purchases internationally.

Online Shopping Made Easier

Many U.S. online retailers and auction site sellers do not ship purchases outside the U.S., charge too much for international shipping or only accept U.S. credit cards. Eliminate these issues with Diners Club® Shipping, powered by — the largest and most trusted package-forwarding service in the world.

  • A user-friendly website that is available in multiple languages
  • Live customer service in multiple languages
  • A personal shopping service to make online shopping easier

Cardmember Exclusive Savings

All Diners Club Cardmembers using Diners Club Shipping will receive these exclusive discounts:

  • Free Premium Membership for 24 months
  • 15% savings on their first shipment
  • 10% savings on all subsequent shipments
  • 10% savings on the Personal Shopper service fee
For details and sign ups, please click here

How it Works

  • Simply sign up for a personalised US street address here
  • Use your Diners Club Card to shop online at U.S. sites, and use their U.S. address for shipping
  • Your packages arrive at the address, which is actually the facility, where each package invoice is scanned and e-mailed to you
  • To save money, shipping experts carefully combine the packages into a more efficient shipment and prepare required international paperwork
  • From its arrival date at the warehouse, the shipment is delivered to you anywhere in the world within 3-4 days.
In addition, offers an optional Personal Shopper service for purchases at merchants that accept only U.S. credit cards. A Personal Shopper expert will buy on your behalf, while charging to your Diners Club Card. There is an additional fee for this service.

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