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Diners Club Affinity Credit Card

List of Affinity Programmes
No. Affinity Programs Fees Apply
1. Air-Line Pilot Association of Singapore (ALPA-S) $30
2. Auston Institute of Management
(formerly known as Auston International College)
3. Harbridge Open Learning Center (HOLC) $30
4. Home Team NS (HTNS) $30
5. Imperial College Alumni Assoc. of Spore (ICAAS) $30
6. Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers (IEEE) $30
7. Institute of Estate Agents (IEA) $30
8. Institution of Engineers Singapore (IES) $30
9. ITE Alumni Association (ITEAA) $30
10. Karimun Admiralty Country Club (KACC) $30
11. Kowloon Club (KC) $30
12. Library Association of Singapore (LAS) $30
13. Nanyang Polytechnic Graduates Association (NYPGA) $30
14. Nanyang Polytechnic Staff Association (NYPSA) $30
15. New Horizon Computer Learning Center (NHCLC) $30
16. NHT Global Singapore $30
17. Pharmaceutical Society of Singapore (PSS) $30
18. Securities Investors Association Singapore (SIAS) $30
19. Sensecurity Institute (SI) $30
20. Singapore Airlines Staff Union (SIASU) $30
21. Singapore Engineering Company Engineers & Executive Union (SEEU) $30
22. Singapore Hotel Association (SHA) $30
23. Singapore Human Resource Institute (SHRI) $30
24. Singapore Institute of Building Limited (SIBL) $30
25. Singapore Institute of Purchasing & Materials Management (SIPMM) $30
26. Social Development Service (SDS) $30
27. Special Interest Group In Security & Information Integrity (SIG^2) $30
28. The Swiss Club (SC) $30
29. Universe Beauty Institute $30
Minimum Income S$30,000p.a. for Singaporeans & Permanent Residents or S$15,000p.a. for applicants age 55 & above; S$80,000p.a. for Foreigners
Age Criteria 21 to 65 years old
Eligibility Applicants must be Singaporeans, PRs or Employment Pass Holders
Annual Fee Basic Card: S$30 (1st year FREE);
Supplementary Card: S$15 (1st year FREE)
Credit Limit Subject to the Banking Credit Card and Charge Card Regulations 2013
Minimum Payment 5% of outstanding balance or S$50 (whichever is greater), or the full amount if below S$50; plus all past due amount and any amount exceeding Credit Limit
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