Item Code: #01-03-7928
Item Description: <b>Dyson Hair Dryer (HD03) Voucher </b><br> <br> Specification: <br> • Power (watts) 1600W/ Weight 0.659kg. <br> • Fast drying, No extreme heat, Engineered for different hair types. <br> • Smoothing Nozzle , New Gentle air attachment. <br> • Re-engineered-Styling Concentrator and Diffuser. <br> • Cold Shot , 3 precise speed settings and 4 precise heat settings. <br><br>• Redemption not permitted for cardmembers under the Repayment Assistance Scheme (RAS) or cardmembers whose total interest-bearing balances from all banks have exceeded the prevailing borrowing limit for three consecutive months.
Item Remark: Available in Black and Pink Colour.
Redemption Type: Partial
Item Value: 40,400 points + S$400.00 (excl. GST)
Redeemable at: Address:
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