Item Code: #01-04-1326
Item Description: OSIM uPen Acupressure Massager (OS420) Voucher

• The worlds smallest acupressure massager-cum-pen to massage your face and relieve headaches and eyestrains, ease nasal congestion and sinus discomfort.
• Helps ease insomnia, anxiety and wrist pain by massaging essential acupressure points on your body.
• Available in Champagne and Black.

Redemption not permitted for cardmembers under the Repayment Assistance Scheme (RAS) or cardmembers whose total interest-bearing balances from all banks have exceeded the prevailing borrowing limit for three consecutive months.
Item Remark:  
Redemption Type: Partial
Item Value: 1,500 points + S$30.00 (excl. GST)
Redeemable at:
All OSIM Outlets in Singapore