ReadyCash Frequently Asked Questions

Q What are the requirements to apply for ReadyCASH?
A ReadyCASH is open to any Basic Personal Cardholder of Diners Club (Singapore) Pte Ltd whose Card Account is current and in good standing as determined by Diners Club. The eligible age criteria is between 21 and 65 years old.
Q How long can I enjoy the interest-free period for ReadyCASH?
A Currently, ReadyCASH offers you interest-free amounts at 0% per annum for 6 months.
Q What is the amount I can apply for ReadyCASH?
A You can apply for amounts from S$500 and up to 90% of your total combined Card Account credit limit, or a maximum of S$50,000 (whichever is lower); subject to the available balance; at the time of approval.
Q How long does it usually takes to approve my ReadyCASH application?
A It will take four (4) weeks to process an application. After approval, we will endeavour to credit the approved amount directly into your bank account as stated in the application form in seven (7) working days.
Q How would I know the result of my ReadyCASH application?
A We will send you a letter informing you of the outcome of your application.
Q How do I get the cash when my ReadyCASH application is approved?
A Upon approval, the amount will be directly banked into your designated bank account after 3 working days.
Q Can I request for a cheque issued to me instead of crediting it into my bank account?
A Currently, we are unable to arrange for a cheque to be issued to you.
Q Is there other fees I need to pay?
A A small processing fee of 6% of the approved amount will be charged and debited to your Card Account immediately upon disbursement of the approved amount.
Q How do I repay my ReadyCASH amount?
A You just need to repay the amount in six (6) monthly instalments. For easy calculation, the cents will be rounded up and charged in the first instalment (please refer to the example below). Each instalment will be treated in the same manner as a charge arising from a Card Transaction in respect of your Card Account, of which Diners Club will send you monthly statement and is payable in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Card Account.
Approved ReadyCASH amount - S$1000
First Instalment amount - S$170
Subsequent 5 remaining instalment amount - S$166
Q When will I be billed with my first instalment?
A Your first instalment will be debited to your Card Account immediately upon disbursement of the ReadyCASH amount to your bank.
Q How will my credit limit be affected when I use ReadyCASH?
A The available overall limit on your Card Account will be provisionally reduced by a blocking out of the approved ReadyCASH amount, plus the processing fee. This will be progressively restored by the monthly amount payment received by Diners Club.
Q Can I choose to repay my ReadyCASH amount before the end of 6 months?
A Yes, however any early repayment and/or account cancellation is subject to an Early Repayment Fee of S$150.

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