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Select <Pay Your Bills With Diners Club>.

Select the Billing Organisation.

Select <Manual Entry> or <Barcode Scan>.

For <Barcode Scan>, place your bill under the scanner.

For <Manual Scan>, enter your Account Number & payment amount with the on-screen keypad.

Confirm the Account No. & Amount.

To pay another bill, select <Yes, I want to add payment>. Otherwise, select <Proceed to Summary Page>.

Choose if you want <Full Payment>, <3 Months Instalment Plan> or <6 Months Instalment Plan>. Select <Proceed to Payment>.

Insert your Diners Club Card and wait for instructions to remove the Card. Enter the 3-digit CVV number printed behind your Card.

If the station is unable to read the card after 3 tries, please select <Manual Entry> and enter your Card Number, Card Expiry Date & CVV number.

Confirm your entries.

Upon display of <Transaction Successful> page, please collect your receipt.

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