Cardmember Benefits & Privileges : Frequently Asked Questions
As a Diners Club Cardmember, you will enjoy the following Benefits and Privileges:
Draw Cash at ATMs in Singapore and at over 1 million ATMs abroad
  Easy access to cash whenever and wherever you need it. When your are overseas, get quick cash in local currencies at ATMs - no need for bank deposits, money changers or traveler cheques. Withdraw cash at Citibank, DBS and POSB ATMs in Singapore.
Pay Vehicle Road Tax in 6 monthly instalments, 0% interest free
  Saves time, hassle and money - your Diners Club Card is the ONLY Credit Card accepted for vehicle Road Tax payment.
Buy Now Pay Later Programme
  Purchase merchandise you always dreamt of owning with up to 12 months, 0% interest-free instalments. No service fee nor activation fee required to enjoy these perks.
Longest Interest-Free Period
  Enjoy up to 58 days credit-free payment period.
Over-the-Counter Cash Advance
  Your can get emergency cash advance of up to US$1,000 every 7 days at designated counters worldwide. They are conveniently located at Diners Club offices, selected Citibank branches, participating banks and hotels (Inter-Continental, Hilton International).
Members-only Airport Lounges in major cities worldwide
  Privileged access with complimentary refreshments for cardmembers.
Club Rewards bonus points incentive spending programme
  For every S$1 charged to Diners Club card, Cardmembers will earn one Club Rewards point. These points can be used to redeem a wide selection of vouchers, merchandise, annual fee wavier, frequent flyer miles etc.
Frequent Flyer Programme
  Cardmembers are able to redeem air miles from KrisFlyer and SkyMiles®. It enables cardmembers to earn free flights on some of the world's best airlines.
Other Benefits
  a. Monthly newsletter together with Statement of Account to keep cardmembers updated with the latest promotions.
b. Birthday month promotions for cardmembers. more...
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